Sunday, March 01, 2009

Residential building with segregated trash shutes for recycling

I ran across a really interesting waste recycling innovation reported in the Las Vegas Business Press. The article reported Rita Brandin,  Executive vice president and development director of Newland Communities, as saying: 

“It's not only construction elements but the operational ease you create for tenants to recycle. It's about having healthy living systems. For example, we have designed (in Union Park) a (residential) building with segregated trash chutes, so residents can put wet trash in one and what can be recycled in the other.”

THOUGHTS: What a great idea! We already do this for water and sewage. Separating packaging, household and food waste at source seems an obvious next step, for improving waste recycling efficiency and lowering operating (e.g. transport) costs.  

KEY WORDS: Waste, Recycling, Building, Sustainability