Sunday, April 30, 2006

An Australian climate change strategy for planet

Check out the climate change piece in Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald “People in greenhouses should turn up the heat” . The author is Peter Singer, a native born Australian, now a professor of bioethics at Princeton and author of the about to be published book "The Way We Eat : Why Our Food Choices Matter".

For some time I’ve been searching for an effective approach for Australia to help turnaround the mounting global (and Australian) climate change disaster...I like the pragmatism of Professor Singer’s national and regional leadership in climate change and earn the credibility to challenge/shame gross over-consumption in the US which is responsible for 25% of the planet’s greenhouse emissions.

Thoughts: Makes good sense…but on Australian PM Howard’s watch? Is it realistic to expect Howard would ever seriously challenge his good friend and ally US President George double-YA?

KEY WORDS: Climate change; Australia; Ethics

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