Thursday, April 27, 2006

The value of trees is more than just shade

I just read a fascinating piece on the value of trees in suburban environments. Ethan Gilsdorf reports that just one shady tree can save a homeowner US$80 a year in energy costs. “Yes, humble street trees cool the air, reduce pollution, and absorb storm-water runoff. But the benefits aren't only ecological” says Gilsdorf. “Property values are 7 percent to 25 percent higher for houses surrounded by trees. Consumers spend up to 13 percent more at shops near green landscapes. One study even suggests patients who can see trees out their windows are hospitalized, on average, 8 percent fewer days.”

I checked a little further and found several other web articles leading up to the National Arbor Day in America on 28th February 2006. One such piece details statistics supporting the value of trees to a community.

Thoughts: In our increasingly plastic, steel and concrete environment – Arbor Day comes as a timely reminder of our natural heritage and well as the commercial benefits of tree planting.

KEY WORDS: Sustainability; Cities

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