Wednesday, April 26, 2006

PC to landline phone calls to virtually anywhere – for free!

My very tech-literate French brother in law Sylvain Filliol just turned me onto another cool Voice over IP (VOIP) offering called VoipStunt. I’ve been a Skype user for over a year and it’s halved my mobile phone bill. VoipStunt is a great complementary service to Skype. It allows you to call any landline in a vast number of countries for virtually nothing. I checked out some online reviews and VoipStunt get’s the thumbs up. For example see Anders Jacobsen's blog.

Thoughts: As PC and broadband penetration accelerates through business, home and the mobile space…time is shrinking for traditional telco’s to remain relevant in the communications space. In the same vain Juha Saarinen's blog pointed me to a recent Sydney Morning Herald article describing Telstra's competitive response to VOIP...which again look's like too little too late to me.

KEY WORDS: VOIP; Telecommunications; Communications; Internet

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Juha said...

Hi Mark,

I've heard Voipstunt works good too, despite the odd name. Will test it actually - the first thing I noticed though is that they don't mention encryption. While it's unlikely that your VoIP traffic will get intercepted on the 'Net, it'd still be cool to have it encrypted. Skype does that, but for different reasons (to avoid people who have become Supernodes to listen in on calls).

Likewise, I'd check out Voipstunt's privacy guarantees before using the service for anything sensitive.