Thursday, April 27, 2006

Compelling insights from BBC's Global Business and new mag REALBUSINESS

Yet another Thursday night ritual~ my wife Andrea is ensconced in Coronation Street on TV (visions of that movie Groundhog Day -1993 and Bill Murray [me]) and I’m taking refuge listening (via RealPlayer) to Peter Day’s weekly BBC radio documentary series Global Business.

The focus this week – an examination of the new entrepreneurial spirit emerging in Britain. Peter began the documentary by interviewing Charles Orton-Jones, a writer with the newly published monthly magazine REALBUSINESS. I checked the mag out online…looks good...lots of interesting case studies.

Thoughts: I recommend BBC's Global Business by Peter Day as a great weekly insight on global trends. It has been particularly helpful in providing a high level view of the emerging global importance of India and China. This whole online broadcasting/podcasting medium is becoming a highly convenient and compelling alternative to free to air TV and radio.

KEY WORDS: Business; Entrepreneur; Globalisation; Media

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